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Welcome to the terms and conditions. Here is what you need to know:

  • If an event is effected by weather, or any other means that impacts the conclusion of the meeting then The Pits TV operates no different than any speedway track. If one full round has been completed, then there will be no refund. If the event is postponed to a later date, The Pits TV MAY offer a discounted rate for the event.
  • If it is a 2 day event and its before one full round has been completed, The Pits TV will refund you. If you wish to purchase the 2nd night, we cannot transfer your purchase from Night 1 over to Night 2 as they are treated as 2 seperate events. Simply just purchase the 2nd nights event and we will refund you for the first night.
  • If the event is cancelled under the above conditions, then please visit Click on Payments and Subscriptions then, Paid But No Access. Please scroll down the page and click Contact Support. Fill in your details with the email you bought the stream with and InPlayer will get it sorted ASAP! (If you use a different email to the one you purchased with, InPlayer will not be able to match the purchase records and will not refund you). Please ensure that you have requested your refund within 48 hours of the conclusion of the cancelled event.
  • Please be aware that it takes 9-15 days to refund your money. This is because Credit Cards or Debit Cards do not clear straight away and can take up to 7 days. As soon as the payment has been cleared, it will be refunded.
  • All purchases from any livestream will incur a 10% processing and administration fee. If the event gets cancelled, The Pits TV is still charged to process the refund by our Paywall supplier. If you do not want this fee, then please do not purchase the stream until you know the event is not impacted by weather.
  • Purchasing the wrong stream: If you purchase the wrong stream by accident, then this could incur a 50% processing fee. Please read carefully before buying the stream that you are wanting. If you require a refund, this will be done on a case by case basis. When purchasing a stream it is very clear on 3 occassions what you are buying. 1: When you go in to purchase the stream, the heading will be at the top to what the event is and to purchase the steam, it will be underneath this heading. 2: Where you "Buy Now" this will also tell you what it is you are buying by way of a graphic inside the player. 3: When you click "Buy Now" and it takes you to the Paywall, it will say "You are buying "whateve the event is". We will reiterate.... this is on a case by case basis.
  • Sometimes the paywall system may ask you to pay again. If you purchase a stream and then try to log in to watch it and it asks you to pay again, then its more than likely caused by you bank rejecting the payment. The Pits TV uses InPlayer as our pay wall provider who are based in the US. Because of this, some banks will reject an overseas payment on your debit or credit cards. It may appear that the money has left your account on your statement, but it will be returned within a few hours. The best solution is to pay with another card. For all payment issues, refund requests or processing errors, please visit to sort out the issues. The team from InPlayer will investigate fully and liase with The Pits Media.
  • We will not tolerate any abuse to our staff or to InPlayer staff. Be advised that if you decide to abuse, then we could block you from accessing streams.
  • The Pits TV has an email you can send any issues or concerns about the live stream. The email is We have a technical person ready to answer any queries you may have.
  • DO NOT approach, email or call any promotion, commitee members or track delegates in relation to a livestream. They cannot offer any technical support or payment processing information in relation to the livestream. Any abuse towards any promotion or their team will result in a cancellation of service with The Pits TV.
  • The Pits TV is reliant on network connections to be able to deliver a livestream. We have multiple redundancy protocols in place. In some cases, there could be a drop in our service for a short time. This could be caused by network congestion or some other issue out of our control. You can be assured that we are monitoring our livestreams at all times to ensure a stable stream. In some cases, changes may need to be made and to apply the settings we may need to restart our systems. As this is a live enviroment this may interupt your service whilst we make these changes. This is a livestream that can run for up to 5 - 6 hours and anything could happen in that time. Please allows us the opportunity to sort any issues out. If you cannot allow us this time, we would ask that you refrain from buying the livestream.
  • Chromecast will work on compatiable devices. This does not include Apple OS systems as Apple do not play well with others. If you have any PC, Android Tablet, Android Phone once you have connected the devices to the same wifi as the Chromecast is on, the player will automatically appear. If it does not, you will have to troubleshoot.
  • For Apple users there is plenty of apps on the App Store that you can download to cast to your Chromecast. We managed to find the following one that works with iPhone and iPad. There is a one time purchase but once its done, there are no ongoing costs. If you have a Macbook or iMac you will have to download Google Chrome and then go to 3 dots at top right and find cast.


The Pits TV chooses to use the pay sevices of InPlayer. The team from InPlayer are not there to help you fix your stream, they are the paywall provider and will help you with any issues relating to payment or processing. If you cannot sign into you account or try to reset the password and it doesnt work, the best thing to do is Sign Up for a new account using a different email. Click on Register on the paywall and try to register with your primary email. If it says that it already exsists, just create another account with a different email. Please remember the password. If you have any further issues, there is a team of people at InPlayer that will help you. Click the link below for support services.

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Both our web site and InPlayer operate secure sites. You can buy with confidence.

Further information or help can be found on our FAQ section.
Please visit our FAQ section for more information for further help. Click HERE for FAQ